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Extruded Discs

Pain Conditions Overview

What is an Extruded Disc?

An extruded disc, also referred to as a herniated disc, is considered extruded if the inner material has broken through its outer wall but is still attached to the disc. It is also sometimes referred to as an extruded disc herniation.

Disc extrusion, on the other hand, is when the nucleus squeezes out of the annulus enclosure. It then breaks away from the fibrous enclosure and pushes out beyond the disc and the supporting ligaments. In other words, the extruded disc is when the nucleus leaks out and the matter becomes an irritant to the surround nerves.

Some patients may also experience a disc protrusion and it is the most common cause of back pain. The disc may push against the damaged fibers of the outer ring, but it stays within its confines. The protruding disc can press upon the surrounding nerves and cause pain not only in the back but into the buttocks area and sometimes even down the back of the leg.

Note from the Doctor

From Dr. Nasser: Extruded discs are a common condition that we treat at AZPTC. With our spine rehab team and injection medicine procedures, our success rate for healing and patient recovery is exciting.

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Extruded Disc

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