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Arizona Pain Treatment Centers and Dr. Nasser Help Patients Affected by the Closure of Laser Spine Institute


Azmi Nasser, D.O., Medical Director at Arizona Pain Treatment Centers in Arizona, sends his best regards to the patients and team affected from the closure of Laser Spine Institute (LSI) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each patient preparing for surgery with LSI and now in need of care will be welcomed. Laser spine surgery is offered by Dr. Nasser and his team is here to help.

PHOENIX, March 7, 2019 ( - Dr. Nasser and Arizona Pain Treatment Centers understand the amount of time, energy, courage and sacrifice that some patients may have faced to this point. Dr. Nasser wants to make sure he is as helpful as possible while keeping it simple and efficient for each patient to be seen by him. In fact, any existing or new patient from Laser Spine Institute can upload their MRI images through the website and Dr. Nasser will review them personally. Subsequently, his team will respond with the next best steps for recovery and relief.

Please upload MRI at:


The mission and vision of “Leading the Future of Spine Medicine” is a lifetime commitment and Dr. Nasser holds true to this purpose. He believes patients are real people and they deserve to be treated and cared for as real people. 

Arizona Pain Treatment Centers believes that when it comes to surgery, laser spine surgery and minimally invasive surgery techniques are what most patients want and what they have years of experience in.

"Laser Spine Surgery is offered at Arizona Pain Treatment Centers and we are reaching out to help patients after the recent closure of Laser Spine Institute in Arizona."

- Dr. Azmi Nasser, Medical Director

Read more about Dr. Nasser at:

Dr. Nasser‘s billing and financial department will evaluate each patient and strive to offer the gift of "no surprises" to each patient regarding health insurance coverage, out-of-pocket costs and affordable payment plans. 


For more information about Dr. Nasser and his advanced skills in laser spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, microdiscetomy, rhizotomy, minimally invasive spine surgeries and leading-edge outpatient procedures, email or visit or call 602-265-8800.


Arizona Pain Treatment Centers
Dr. Azmi Nasser
Office: 602-265-8800

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