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Non-steroidal Injections

Pain Conditions Overview


Non-Steroidal Injections

A non-steroidal injection is also considered a non-steroidal nerve block.

Some injections do not require the use of a corticosteroid.

An all natural injectable anti-inflammatory compound such as Traumeel can also be used to provide relief without using corticosteroids.

Whether into a joint, muscle, or around a nerve, injecting an anesthetic medication could provide relief in addition to diagnostic information, helping to identify the source of someone’s pain.

Trigger point injections with the use of non-steroidal medication can be very helpful for muscle spasms and chronic trigger points.


Note From The Doctor

In our experience as multi-specialty pain specialists, many patients are under conservative care with their Chiropractor or physical therapist. Non-steroidal injections, in conjunction with their current conservative treatment plan, can help support the healing process.

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